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Wondering if an Interior Designer Career Could be Right for You?
It Can be a Pretty Great Field to Work In
However, it Can be Hard to Find Formal Education in Interior Design
Many Pros Got Their Start With Just a Little of the Right Training

Interior Designer Training

Considering a career in the interior design field?

If you have an interest in becoming an interior design professional, this website can show you one or two of the popular interior design career training programs that are available in your area.

Teacher assistant and studentsWhile there aren’t many schools that offer degrees in interior design, we have tried to select a few schools you could consider.

This major can be an excellent choice for motivated students who have strong analytical and creative skills, who are self-starters and work well in small teams.

Designers work on commercial or residential spaces. Each has their own characteristics and some designers prefer one or the other, but most will take on both types of projects.

Each design project is somewhat unique, but you can explore one typical process for completing a project for a residential client. Here is a brief summary of what that sample project could look like.

You can use our education search box to look for training programs close to your zip code. If you see one or two schools that match up pretty well with what you want to do, please go ahead and contact them via our contact form. Each of these schools is happy to send you more information about their programs and schools.

Design processIf you can’t find a school in your area, you can study at home through online classes.

And if you have already attended an interior design school or taken some classes and would like to comment on your experience, please let us know. Thanks.

Go ahead and search our list of some of the better-known schools in the United States.