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Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) is in Miami, Florida.

FIU has mainly two campuses -- one in West Miami-Dade County and the other in North Miami Beach, but there are also other locations extending to the south of Florida.

The college was founded in 1965 with founding President Chuck Perry and with 5,667 students on its opening day in Miami.

FIU offers education in their schools and colleges by the way of more than 200 programs which run hand in hand with dynamic new technology and sciences.

• They offer a variety of programs -- bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.

A total of 50000 students attend the FIU on average every year.

11,300 students graduate annually from FIU.

FIU is ranked the 7th largest of public universities in the United States for the year 2012.

The university is ranked number one in providing bachelor's and master's degrees to Hispanic students.

It is also ranked 10th among the international business programs in the USA.

The university strives to have the overall four-year academic progression bring a total quality change in the students, which further enhance their capabilities to become global citizens and bring a difference to the society on whole.

Outside of the classroom, opportunities for students are available in activities like clubs, fraternity or involving themselves in yoga sessions on the lawns.

For all those seeking a serene environment for indulging in the books or research, there is the Steven and Dorthea Green library which provides one of the best research facilities in the USA.

The FIU Graham Centre has so much to offer from the game rooms to art galleries to leisure classes and everything that a student desires for a quality time.

The FIU eateries have a varied cuisine to offer when you wish to grab a meal. At the end of a long day FIU's dorms and residential halls provide a relaxing experience. There are equipped with all the daily home requirements and a separate study area and private pool area.

FIU campuses range from Modesto A. Maidique Campus to Biscayne Bay Campus North Miami Beach and The Engineering Centre, Broward Pine Centre, Miami Beach Urban Studios in South Beach.

FIU provides many benefits to its students in terms of financial services, tuition assistance and fulfilling other campus requirements.

FIU has been made a tobacco free and smoking free arena.

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