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Typical Interior Design Process

Here are some of the steps that may be involved in the residential interior design process.

The first step involves getting the designer to determine the client’s preferences and needs. This requires having the designer and the client get together for a meeting where the budget can be established and the client’s wishes determined. The designer will often inquire about the client's habits and decor and lifestyle preferences. It's also important to take stock of the existing furniture and accessories that are already in the room(s) to be developed. Identifying and eliminating potential problems as well as enhancing current positive attributes of a space is one of the talents of the experienced designer.

The next step will be to formulate a design plan and to estimated the costs of the project. Everyone uses computer-aided design software to produce detailed illustrations that can be easily revised and also used to develop the final proposed design.

Once the design concept has been finalized, the designer will consider and suggest the materials, finishes and all the furnishings that will be used in completing the space. This includes artwork, lighting, furniture, floor covers and wall coverings.

The interior designer works with his or her project team to make sure that the project is implemented just as it appears on the plan. The interior designers may actually choose the contractors and issue the work contracts. The designer may help manage the actual work project and help see that the work is completed on time and under budget.

When the project is complete, hopefully the client is happy, the contractors are happy, and the designer has another successfully completed project for his or her portfolio.

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