Trying to select a college major
Working as an Interior Designer Can be Pretty Great
The Work isn't Suited for Everyone, But it May be Perfect for You
It's Hard to Find a School That Offers Degrees in this Field
But You Can Get Started With a Small Amount of the Right Training

CT and DE Opportunities

If you have looked at attending a college in Connecticut or Delaware, we have a few pages that may interest you.

CT Colleges and DE Colleges are the names of these new pages. They have information regarding education choices in those two states.

Colleges who have classes in interior design are included in a list on these pages.

Big public universities could be the right option for various students, but they are not the top pick in all cases. The easy means to discover what school would be good for you would consist of meeting with a college adviser. They will ask about your education and career intentions, answer your concerns and give some good advice.

If you want to view those pages, you could take a quick look at them.

Just in case your own favorite area university isn’t on the list yet, go ahead and tell us about it.