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Visit our three pages of various educational and student related Web destinations. These pages are all about some aspect of education or student life. They can either help you find a school, guide you in choosing a new career, or assist you in some aspect of your daily student life.

Education and schools will help you find a school or career path. These schools and guides are not all about interior design, but could be about a wide range of education programs.

Student Life will assist you in some aspect of your daily or financial life. From student insurance needs to student credit cards, these sites deal with some necessary detail of life.

Student information are websites that may not fit into either of the above two categories, but are interesting nonetheless.

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Don't want a four-year degree? Trade schools investigates the popular associate's degrees and diplomas available in skilled trade occupations.

Start on your criminal justice degree for a hot career in a criminal justice field.
If you're into web design, you should check into the best web design programs and get started.

You can check out a lot of the available human resources degrees online are for getting a business degree in human resources online.

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