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One of the most practical majors in business school is finance. Both finance and accounting students learn hard processes, systems and information that are readily applicable to finance and accounting positions in companies all over the country. Find out more.

Another field that is gaining in popularity is criminal justice. Criminal justice is a wide field that encompasses legal office workers, federal agency workers and local and state law enforcement. See some of these programs.

Find out more about online degrees in general. This site provides listings of various degree programs available online.

Every student needs to carry a good piece of plastic in their wallet. You can find the top credit cards for college students that are offered today by some of the biggest credit card companies. You can probably qualify for a good Visa or MasterCard to help pay for emergencies and to help bridge you from student loan to student loan.

If you're not really happy with your current credit card company, there are a few other great student credit cards out there to choose from. See some of these cards. Some of the major US issuers offer cards to help you pay for daily student expenses, books, trips home, car rentals and more.

Check out some USA massage schools. Talk about learning hands on -- get your massage training and get prepared to work at ritzy hotels, fancy spas, exotic resorts, or maybe at a more conventional medical facility or even in your own private practice. You can probably find a massage school near where you live. This field is booming and opportunity abounds.

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